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Bookingsempire is the most famous and reliable source of online travel booking and other services. Travel insurance is a plan you buy that protects you from financial threats and other losses that can happen during the trip. These losses could be significant like at the last moment trip cancellation and any medical emergency or minor delayed suitcase. Travel insurance is a kind of insurance that covers the losses and cost connected with travelling. In addition to financial safety, the other big advantage of travel insurance is access to assistance service globally where you are in the whole world. 

Our well-skilled team of travel services give full help to replace lost passports. We have medical experts who can organize medical treatment in an emergency, monitor your care in any situation, also protect the lives of travelers, and much more that you need during the trip. Start your journey by joining travel insurance which especially plans to cover all travel-related incidents.

Bookinsempire Travel Insurance”  is a universal travel outcome that gives protections to travelers against any kind of sudden injury or illness while they are anywhere in the world. It is accepted by all foreign embassies and consulates in the whole world. We provide our travelers with a hassle-free trip and give complete travel and medically related assistance services with an insurance plan. Anyone can apply for travel insurance through our official web portal or can call our 24 hours active team to book an insurance plan. We offer you a wide range of travel insurance categories around the world.

buy travel insurance

How Travel Insurance Works?

The procedure of filling a travel insurance forum is similar to home, and car insurance. You can get a claim in these conditions if water leaks in your washroom or get a claim in a car accident. If something happens unforeseen during your trip you must get an insurance claim for compensation. When you are ready for a trip you can easily buy travel insurance from our online portal Bookingsempire.

Main Categories Of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance includes many kinds of coverage. But most include the following categories all over the world.

1. Medical Insurance

Before your trip, you must contact a medical insurance company and ask what type of insurance plan you have when travelling. Many world insurers pursue to cover your overseas expenses. You can easily buy your medical insurance while you are travelling.

buy travel insurance
buy travel insurance

2. Interruptions Or Tour Cancellation Insurance

Your previous plan trip can be cancelled when something occurs that prevents you to go for travel such as a medical emergency. A trip interruption occurs when you are away through your travel and a workers strike at the airport for some other reasons. Mostly you will be compensated only for a portion of travel that you did not complete due to some unforeseen problems. The threats of terrorism are under this category and travel insurance companies also compensate you during the travel. This role also applies in these conditions if you have bought a plan of insurance and a terrorism incident occurs before your trip then the company also compensates you.

3. Personal Items And Baggage Loss

This kind of insurance fully compensates you for stolen bags, damaged baggage, other personal items and anything lost. Usually, it gives a complete offer for the entire trip, not for flights related activities.

buy travel insurance
buy travel insurance

4. Evacuation Insurance

This insurance policy covers the expense of taking you to a landing place where you can get proper and necessary medical treatment in some condition of a medical emergency. Evacuation insurance normally does not cover your common home medical expenses.

5. Life Insurance

Only our Bookingsempire and few other companies offer this life insurance plan for your entire travel. Following are the few subcategories of life insurance.

●        Common Carrier

Common carrier insurance pays in the situation of death or breaks up when you are travelling on any kind of public transport.

●     In Situation Of Accidental Death

We offer accidental death insurance service while you are travelling anywhere around the world. Anyone of your family members or close friends can claim your death insurance.

●        Air Flights Accident

This is including in this situation when air flights accidents happen due to unforeseen conditions. We also offer this air flights accident insurance plan to travellers globally.

buy travel insurance